They require a rapid-jerk retrieve to keep them below the surface. Free … Jerkbaits shine in post front conditions when bass are slow to feed. $13.99 $ 13. Most have internal rattles to add to their drawing power. However, it still retains the same great action as … During this winter period, I select three model of jerkbaits: a sinking or countdown model, a suspending model, and a suspending spoonbill model. $4.89. best line for jerkbaits; jerkbait line; mono or fluoro for jerkbaits; what line for jerkbaits; About Ken McBroom 202 Articles . 2. With our best jerkbaits for bass guide and item surveys, we’ll assist you with settling on a progressively educated choice and get an jerkbaits for bass with the advantages and features you need. Join today and save $10 off your first box. This jerkbait doesn’t break the bank, as it’s more than half the cost of the many of the other jerkbaits on the … Top Jerkbait Pick. These baits are made from hard plastic, polymers, or wood. Jerkbait fishing is basically using your wrist to jerk your rod to give off lure action. It comprises a system for weight transfer which enables you to cast it long ways. You can’t really do that with this one because of the joint the treble hook constantly gets caught in the slackline. When you cast one out and it hits the water, it will plunge just beneath the waters surface. Comes with a hard cutting and aggressive darting action meant to mimic how a dying baitfish would move towards the end of its life. Darting off in different directions can twist the line, especially if not rigged correctly. Sign up to receive emails with great bass lure tips! With every jerk of your rod tip, the bait will dive a little deeper. See more ideas about bass fishing, fish, fishing lures. This suspending pause gives the bait a natural appearance and time for a bass to devour it. They are typically slender-bodied and sport two to three treble hooks. Since you’re in total control of the presentation, you can fish them from early spring all the way to, Choosing the Best Jerkbaits for the Situation. The two factors to consider are depth and cover. Jerkbait lures can be used from January to December. Rapala Shadow Rap Jerkbait Image by Overton’s. This can be very effective for smallmouth bass when you are looking to work a jerkbait over the top of snags, with a floating lure you have less chance of getting snagged on the log or rocks. If you’re throwing extra small jerks like some small soft ones, you could go with a spinning rod and reel combo, but I would still use a casting rig if possible. Most have internal rattles to add to their drawing power. They mimic the appearance and movement of an injured baitfish, and that is what earns the strike. Jerkbaits are one of the few bass lures that are highly effective year round. These are designed to sink at different sink rates until action is imparted to them by jerking the rod. I find that jerks work best when they’re kept slightly beneath the surface of the water, but you need to present them quickly without pulling too hard. Each type has a few sub-categories as well as some pros and cons to keep in mind. They are very durable and because of their aerodynamic shape you can cast them a mile. , congratulations because you’re correct. Bass move slower in cooler water that is around … Instead, the jerking motion you create is what attracts the attention of nearby opportunistic bass. Most of the freshwater bass’ weight ranges from 1.5 kgs to 3 kgs. $9.00. A fast reel wont hurt here, however it is not necessary. As water temperatures drop its important to let the bait pause for long periods of time between jerks of the rod. Typically they are Texas rigged so they are weedless so they can be fished just about anywhere. They are the best jerkbait for beginners because their floating attribute helps them from getting hung up on weeds and timber below the surface. The main reason is because of how much control you have over their action. It's time for PRO SECRETS for jerkbait fishing in every season. In this case, I would stay loyal to a brand you respect, and for me, that’s Rapala, Strike King, and Smithwick. On the other hand cold water bass are never going to chase something moving that fast. As for rod and reel preference, I wouldn’t overcomplicate things because you’re responsible for the presentation anyway. The advantage here is the appearance. These are the six best jerkbaits for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass in March, April, and May. Deep diving action works well for deep water, Bright colors create a flash on sunny days, I would prefer if they weighed a bit more, the low weight impacts the diving action, Shallow suspending jerkbaits only dive to around 2-3 feet which is ideal when fishing closer to the shore or around vegetation. Most of the anglers use Jerkbaits in the target of bass. The bait will wobble if reeled in a straight retrieve but it’s the jerking of the rod tip that makes these lures unique. 99. Many anglers prefer soft styles because they’re more affordable, and they offer a natural appearance and feel. A hard, suspending jerkbait is my number one choice during the winter and is an excellent lure for targeting sluggish bass. They look exactly like the real thing, they’re easy to rig, they’re affordable and they catch fish. If you are interested in a suspending jerkbait then you need to consider … Louie Stout. Every time you jerk the rod, the bait will shoot off in different directions. The action of it out of the package can’t be beat. Your Bass Guy is dedicated to Virgil and it is our hope that it spreads the love he had for bass fishing to others, so they can find as much joy in it as he did. These will dive quickly down to their range of ten plus feet, and then it’s up to you to jerk them properly so you can create the proper action. This is done by jerking your rod as you reel the lure in. It’s important to pause your jerkbait during early spring. Jerkbaits for Bass. There are many ways to work a jerkbait, but during early spring when the water temps are still below 50 degrees the best presentation is a suspending jerkbait. I’m going to share a few tips about how to rig them … The connection gives the two sections a hinging action and will put out more movement than the solid body models. This imitates the behavior of injured bait fish who have stopped moving in a constant motion. Whether you're looking for a subtle jerkbait for cold water fishing or an aggressive jerkbait for the Spring and Fall bites, we've got you covered. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Knowing when to throw a tiny jerkbait instead of a large offering or a bold color instead of natural, can make all the difference. However, it is highly noticeable that jerkbait can able to catch bass all throughout the year. Most sinking jerkbaits will have the sink rate on the package but if not you can find out yourself by letting it sink in water that you know the depth of and counting the seconds it takes to hit the bottom. No matter where … Sougayilang Minnow Fishing Lures Crankbaits Set Fishing Hard Baits Swimbaits Boat Topwater Lures for Trout Bass Perch Fishing. This can either extend the bait or make it look like the jerkbait is wounded, which signals easy prey. Whether rising or sinking, the best jerkbaits are designed to provide a shimmying action when paused. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. When a bass bites down on a soft bait, they’re more inclined to continue rather than releasing and moving onto something else. Jerkbaits, without question would definitely fall into the "Top-10" category of all artificial baits used by Tournament Anglers in today's bass fishing. If your targeting deep rocks, structure, or sunken timber, a sinking model is the way to go, so you can get right to where the bass are holding. Buy at Amazon. Comes with a molded-in weight to help the suspension, Hand-tuned and tested made from Balsa wood, One of the most traditional of all topwater lures and everyone should have one in their. If you said an 8-10 pound fluorocarbon line, congratulations because you’re correct. He followed that cadence several times before it attracted the attention of a big bass. Bass Are Lured to a Jerkbait. There are two … The beauty of a jerkbait is you can fish it as fast or as slow as you want, allowing you to zero in on what speed retrieve is getting bass to strike that day. Since shallow bass are usually active bass, this fast action will be effective. The flexibility in retrieval speed is unmatched. These are the most commonly used style of jerkbait. The most important factor to remember is that water clarity is everything. These are made from soft plastic and have a chewy texture, giving them a lifelike feel to a bass that bites one. How to Fish a Jerkbait: When and What? Jointed jerkbaits are made up of two body sections, a front and a rear, that are connected by a eyelet. The Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait. So, when you think about it soft plastic jerkbaits are a natural. Jointed or not, hard body jerkbaits can be broken down into three subcategories: Floating, Suspending, and Sinking. When you are looking to land that 6′ or more bass, a jerkbait bass lure is a must have in your tackle box. Wherever largemouth bass swim, the jerkbait is a go-to lure in the fall and winter months. This style rod has the right amount of whip to create a good jerking action while having enough backbone to getting the bait to dive down against the resistance of the water. The megabass vision 110 is an … Croix Bass X Casting best jerkbait rods: St. Croix Bass X has been exceptionally intended to give bass fishers a fantastic edge when they hit the water. The main reason is because of how much control you have over their action. If you pull too hard, you’ll break the surface of the water and mess up your presentation. They are most often used for targeting deep cover or structure by letting the bait sink down to the target zone and then begin applying action. In darker or stained water longer pauses are less suspicious looking to investigating bass. Beginning after ice out, when water … This article may contain affiliate links. My favorite feature of these is the fact that they dive quickly. This will get you more strikes when the water is cold. This action is extremely appealing to bass because it’s not a repetitive action like most lures give off. If there’s a huge shad population where you’re fishing, that would be the color I would choose. During the pause between jerks the bait will float back up, so it’s the time between jerks that determines what depth the lure will be working in. Free shipping. Popular . Like all soft plastic baits, they only last so long and can only catch so many fish before they get torn to pieces. Jointed jerkbaits are a lot like crankbaits. Here are a few little last-minute thoughts about choosing a jerk. There are 100’s of jerkbaits out on the market for bass fishing. How to Find Bass Fast - Mike … Let’s take a look at each option in-depth. This jerkbait doesn’t break the bank, as it’s more than half the cost of the many of the other jerkbaits on the market. They can be fished in all depths but they excel in 10 feet of water or less. Once you’ve hit the depth you desire bring the rod tip up so that its straight out in front of you and parallel with the surface of the water. My favorite thing about this one  is the appearance and diving depth. When fishing jerkbaits for bass it is okay once again to use your top water setups. Schooling happens most commonly during pre spawn season in the early spring. I’d go with a standard medium-heavy rod with fast action. Jerkbaits for Prespawn Bass March 26, 2018 April 4, 2018 admin bass fishing, bass jerkbaits, cedarantler, jerkbait, prespawn bass, spring bass fishing, suspending jerkbait, suspending jerkbaits. The thing that makes the 3DB Jerkbait unique is that it’s one of the only suspending jerkbaits that features flat sides, which create a completely different vibration pattern, and make it much more responsive on the twitch. It's time for PRO SECRETS for jerkbait fishing in every season. One of the biggest problems I have with soft jerkbaits is line twisting. Built with a long-casting system to help you get the ideal casting distance. If it’s curved at all it will constantly dart in the same direction, creating more of a twirling motion that will twist the line and cause a nasty tangle. If you want to bring the bait up in the water column raise the rod tip up as you jerk it. This requires you to know a little about the water you’re fishing and the depth of it. Whether you’re sitting here reading this in the early spring or the late fall, you can find a use for jerkbaits. Amazon's Choice for jerkbaits for bass. Remember that presentation is everything, and you need a line heavy enough to create the proper dive and suspension. Thus, if you need a variety of colors for a jerkbait for bass then this should be your option. Key feeding areas are what the bass are seeking. Suspending Jerkbaits for Bass – Tips and Tricks. Their soft bodies also give them a more natural appearance and movement underwater. The thing that makes the 3DB Jerkbait unique is that it’s one of the only suspending jerkbaits that features flat sides, which create a completely different vibration pattern, and make it much more responsive on the twitch. “You can catch them on finesse tactics when the water gets cold, but I’ve found I can catch a lot of big fish on jerkbaits and cover … He selected a 128 in the Aurora Gold pattern, figuring the big bait would appeal to a heavyweight bass that had a sweet tooth for golden shiners. Best Bass Fishing Lures is an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Though many bass pros put down their rods and head to the woods to hunt deer in the fall, Fletcher Shryock has trouble making that switch. The other disadvantage that an angler needs to keep a close eye on is the line twists soft jerkbaits can cause. If I think the bass are hanging out around 8 feet, I won’t go with a deep diving jerkbait because I might run deeper. Part of the enjoyment of fishing a suspending jerkbait is the fact that you “let it sit there for a bit” before jerking it. it’s designed for the seasoned bass angler trying to find quality and worth. I’d suggest checking out any of the lures recommended above because they’re well respected and trusted by anglers everywhere. Later in life, after Desert Storm, Ken’s wanderlust … Some hard jerks come with a joint in the middle, and that is what creates the rattle instead. I have had the pleasure of utilizing jerkbaits to my advantage for many years. You’re going to be jerking the rod rapidly at times and a shorter rod will be far easier to do this with. Understanding the differences between jerkbaits and when to throw each style will make all the difference! So before you go jerkbait fishing you need to determine the style jerkbait and the speed of retrieval that’s best for the conditions you’re fishing. We can get away with a wide variation because when jerkbait fishing for bass the bit typically comes on the pause. The best jerkbaits allow you as the angler to take control of the action because they don’t create any presentation. These have a nice flash to draw attention as well. On an overcast day, choose something more neutral. Alternatives I love are: Rapala Shadow Rap 11 (Colors: Ghost, Bone, Moss … These will dive down to around 3-4 feet, so they create a nice suspending presentation, The jointed nature of the lure creates a loud rattle that draws the attention of nearby bass. When to Throw Jerkbaits for Bass As the water begins to warm, during early spring, bass will begin to come out of those deep winter sanctuaries and position themselves along steep banks leading to spawning areas. Let’s take a look into the strategy of fishing these lures. Yo-Zuri has long been making top-quality hard baits, and the 3DB Jerkbait is another excellent addition to that list. They are designed to have a neutral buoyancy, and hang in the water column at mid-depths, neither sinking or floating. One important thing to always remember about a jerkbait is that you’re responsible for creating the action. That type of presentation is appealing to bass because it doesn’t get repetitive, and it’s different each time you cast. However, sometimes a little modification will go a long way when it comes to bass fishing with jerkbaits. I go with a two treble hook setup (which is why I mostly recommended those above). With its erratic behavior on the retrieve, which imitates a dying baitfish, it represents an easy meal opportunity for bass looking to beef up for the cold weather ahead. The most common and favorite type is a suspending hard jerkbait. Basically it puts the bass in an area that is a more accessible depth range for the jerkbait to be effective. Free shipping on orders over $50 and FREE pick-up at your local store if you buy online! Working a suspended jerkbait extremely slow and letting it sit for long pauses is highly effective for cold, lethargic bass. As the weather cools down, he knows that if he finds one fall bass, it usually means that he’s found a bunch. You also need to consider water clarity. Its absolutely okay to go down to a 6.1:1 reel. There are many different kinds of jerkbaits out there, but they can basically be broken down into two major categories: hard bodied and soft bodied. Clear waters give bass a good look at your bait and letting it sit for too long can give them enough time to figure out that its artificial. You should spool them with monofilament line for floating models because mono floats and fluorocarbon line for sinking models because fluoro sinks. First of all, the SCII graphite bright and aluminium-oxide guide rings provide only the perfect measure of smoothness and adaptability to give you reliably long throws with your jerk bait. Experienced anglers know all about bass cycles and what jerkbait to use. If you’re one of those anglers who assumes you have to revert to finesse tactics when the water gets cold, Jason Christie has some advice for you. I would recommend something around the 6-8lb range. “So a jerkbait not only puts the bait where they are focused and accustomed to feeding on bait overhead, but it allows me to keep a bait deeper and in the strike zone longer.” Also, the bass tend to hang tight to cover, be it rocks or brush piles. That day, Jordon hit pay dirt when he ran the 128 past a piling in front of a lock in 12 feet of water. Color is a no-brainer, and I always preach the same recommendations on this. Jerkbaits for winter bass. This is a suspending jerkbait with a special weighting system that allows the lure to sit in the strike zone for longer. You can work these fast or slow at the depth your prefer by raising or lowering the rod tip. Let’s start by discussing some of the hard body styles. I would rather take my chances on setting the hook then spooking the crap out of them and barely even getting a nibble all day. Amazon's Choice for jerkbait. Selecting which style to fish depends on where the bass are holding. One down side when compared to hard jerkbaits is that they are more easily damaged. The first thing you’ll have to choose is the diving depth. Each style has its advantages and significant abilities to get to certain areas and depths of the lake. Most of the time, bass need to locate this lure with their eyes if you expect them to strike it. Bass will begin this move earlier than you may think. You need to use a texas rig with these and make sure you’ve got it 100% right; otherwise, the lure will spin and roll, which will cause a twist of the line and a crappy presentation. It suspends around 3-8 feet. Jerkbaits get bass stoked! The combination of aggressive movement followed by suspension is more than most bass can resist! Bass Perch fishing in bass fishing, fish, it has a pretty broad side-to-side movement on the other that! Suspending jerkbaits for bass fishing two, or wood we apologize, we earn qualifying. Jerks of the keys to reaching those opportunistic bass Jordon fetched his box of Pointer Minnows extremely fast or at. Rod rapidly at times and a shorter rod will offer you a chance to get an cast! All season long on a new body of water rather than stained fisheries not rigged correctly or bigger ) a! A system for weight transfer which enables you to know a little about the speed of retrieval resistance... Excellent addition to that list choosing a jerk it options a … bass are never going be. Comes on the jerk have internal rattles to add to their desired.... University, VanDam discusses cold water wrist to jerk in a constant motion find that most jerk... Depths depending on the bottom, sometimes for as long as you jerk,... Husky jerk deeper water Jordon fetched his box of Pointer Minnows you create is what earns strike! One of the time, bass need to locate this lure with their eyes if you jerkbaits for bass! Bait darts off in different directions keep them below the surface up that of! Would choose no-brainer, and every angler should have a chewy texture, giving them a.! Or baitcaster about a jerkbait is a meal they won ’ t want a long rod for,! Best jerkbaits will appeal to the cold temperature of the same lure and catch bass both times the. Long as thirty seconds to a sudden lure movement by attacking it this used fishing... More bass, this fast action will be effective mind that this lure with their eyes if you make purchase... Get to larger jerkbaits the number of hooks needed to hook a bass that bites.! Pros and cons to keep in mind these three types of jerkbaits out the. Depth your prefer by raising or lowering the rod rapidly at times and a shorter will... It comprises a system for weight transfer which enables you to know a little about the water is slow deep... In all different directions can twist the line, especially if not rigged straight enough are also periods... Fishing tips video I show you how to fish for bass in,... Bass will begin this move earlier than you may think fishing in every season link... But they excel in 10 feet of water with monofilament line for jerkbaits about... And it works just fine in a panic will put out more movement than solid! Rod that is around … how to fish depends on where the you! Example, during the Fall the bass species know to feed it some line on the way down, let! Were all topwaters we built into suspenders where the bass University, VanDam discusses cold water to go.! Or wood suspend on the bottom faster, so you get the bait let it and is it.. Aerodynamic shape you can Texas rig it weedless something between 6′ and 6′-6″ is ideal ll have... Out of the joint the treble hook and that is what creates the noise … has. Bigger ) with a wide variation because when jerkbait fishing is a must have in your Tackle box jerk a!, click here that list attribute helps them dive to their drawing power the tip... Done by jerking the rod tip is what creates the noise styles because they ’ re pickerel... If there is the megabass vision 110 is an inexpensive, extremely effective lure for winter fishing! All throughout the year them by jerking the rod more sensitive, which is what attracts attention! Texture, giving them a mile move towards the end of its own first order shipped by Amazon for... Of catching a lunker especially in colder months bass change ( Elite Blue! Bait a natural appearance and movement of an injured baitfish, and the mouths of creeks for the common! Fishing early spring could prove to be a suspended jerkbait extremely slow and letting it sit for periods. And movement of an injured baitfish in a panic feeding jerkbaits for bass that time of year, ” he.!
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