This time with walnuts and chocolate chips. The batter didnt look right when I was scooping into the pans, so I added some carrot juice to thin it out a bit… They also didnt puff up and had kind of a crust. Oh, a 1/4 cup? Harleydude, I used frozen puree (come to think of it, it may have been buttercup squash, not pumpkin) – it keeps for ages in the freezer. Pumpkin pie filling; you know, the stuff doctored up with sugar and spices and some crap with a lot of letters. I love your “Despite my every attempt to wreck them, they’re a good pumpkin muffin”…you sound like my sister-in-law…she always says that. I put some candied diced ginger pieces on top with the cin sugar. I made these yum! No measuring, no mixing. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I just made these and, while they smell INCREDIBLE, they’re REALLY wet at the bottom. (Sorry so shouty. ive been on a muffin kick for weeks now and after the pumpkin fell out of my freezer last night i thought lets make these so glad i did i used Le sigh. Thanks! It’s not up to your usual perfection. Bake until puffed and golden brown and wooden pick or skewer inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean, 25 to 30 minutes. 1 teaspoon cinnamon. These muffins really are fool-proof! Yikes, so sorry. Super light, moist, and delicious. That’s the secret of pumpkin. So today I gathered up my 8 year old and 4 year old and the ingredients to the recipe, doubled, and baked some up. Thank you. I was bringing a few of them to a 3 year old friend in the hospital who was not eating. i also put a little extra cinnamon sugar on the top, though it didn’t add the extra crunch i was hoping for. Our second sweet treat was Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins, with a pumpkin-chocolate icing of my own creation. Stir together last tablespoon of sugar and teaspoon of cinnamon. I just made these muffins today and used pumpkin pie filling, and my own pumkin spice. So excited. I didn’t use muffin liners (should have been more liberal with the spray, these muffins want to stick!) Whoa, this are amazing. Let cool completely. Recipes. These muffins were the best ever as well. This is my second time making these muffins in the last week. Dropped the sugar to 1 cup but will probably drop it to 2/3 c. next time as the blue pumpkin I used was sweet to begin with. Definitely adding these to the rotation. The main thing I did differently was to cook down the pumpkin with the pumpkin pie spice and salt until reduced to about 1.5 cups which concentrated the pumpkin flavor. They are moist, perfectly sweet and a big hit. Thanks so much! – used coconut oil. I will be saving for future use. I wonder if you have tried to make the pumpkin muffins from Dorie Greenspan’s baking book? Pumpkin Bread, Perfect Blueberry Muffins, Quick Pasta and Chickpeas - Pasta e Ceci and 289+ more top-rated recipes from I won’t even post pictures of this treat, for although it looks nice, I can’t compete photographically with Smitten Kitchen. Thank you for this. If I use fresh pumpkin can I cook it instead of baking/roasting it? Lisa – It might be the different squash, but I think that it’s very easy for squash soup to be bland. 1 cup canned solid-pack pumpkin (from a 15 ounce can) (Used all of a 15oz can except for about 1/2cp) I made these last night, they were absolutely marvelous! You roast the pumpkin in the oven until it is very soft, scrape it off the skin and whirl it in the food processor. These were sooooo yummy!!! Wanted to try these muffins but can’t find canned pumpkin here. These muffins are probably the most delicious muffins I’ve ever tasted! It used canned puree, and 2. I will try these with raisins next. Adapted from the American club, in Kohler, Wisconsin via Gourmet Magazine, 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (have successfully swapped whole wheat flour for half) You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. tips best adsense alternative. i have been waiting to make these for months now, since i first came across this post. Mar 5, 2013 - See, now I’m a girl who keeps my promises, eh? I used home-made pumpkin puree that was probably a little watery compared to canned puree, but I went by all the other amounts listed in the recipe, and they turned out fantabulous. – 1cup sugar total (half cane, half brown) As usual, delicious! The muffins still had the bounce texture and sweet cinnamon taste. I just made this and my son declared them the best muffins ever :). I’m already preparing to make more tonight, since the can of pumpkin puree supplied waaaay more than what the recipe calls for. The only thing I realized that you list baking powder in ingredients but not in the actual directions. I just made this recipe but was definitely confused about the baking powder/baking soda issue. Just thought I would let people know that this works really well if you substitute the pumpkin for a different fruit or vegetable. They were delicious both ways- well spiced, tender, and moist. :), Another vote for the pumpkin muffins! Dialed back the sugar a bit and went for the larger amount of pumpkin puree – a huge hit – thank you again! Good morning. These muffins are absolutely delicious. Kids love them with the butter/sugar, I like them plain with coffee. Deb, I’ve been reading your Smitten archives as I do from time to time and… just thank you thank you thank you for having so many intelligent, thoughful things to say. Canned pumpkin purée makes them moist and flavorful, and if you prefer your pumpkin muffins to have a pumpkin spice flavor profile, you can add a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice for a bit more flavor. Also considered adding a bit of vanila extract next time. 2 large eggs Made these today and they are already being scarfed down at a rapid pace. Samphire – Yes. The flavor was still amazing! The pumpkin flavor didnt come through enough. All of the ingredients are waiting in the kitchen for me to start (double) batch #2 (3 days later only 1 muffin is left). I doubled the spices (essential! Thanks so much! I wish I had seen this post before making the post I made tonight (I made pumpkin chocolate chip banana muffins)–thank you for the recipe, I’ll have to try it out. I’ve been craving pumpkin muffins for a whole week now. I also used whole wheat flour. LOL! 1 teaspoon baking powder My kids loved them! very dense, but very moist. These muffins were fantastic and the best! Love! So… I found this recipe and just made them. Then again, what *isn’t* good with cream cheese frosting?”. Next time I’ll add some toasted pecan pieces and cruising. Made these following the recipe exactly and weighing ingredients. I’ve made these many times, exactly according to the recipe, and they are amazing. I think next time I might cut down on the sugar a little, but other than that they tasted great and looked beautiful! SO Delicious! A couple modifications I made: used 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup Sucanat, accidentally used 1 tsp baking soda (instead of 1/2 tsp), and tossed in the remainder of a bag of mini-chocolate chips. Though I wasn’t using fresh nutmeg) used nearly all of the can of pumpkin, and used 1 cup all purpose flour and 1/2 cup wheat flour. and made greek yogurt cream cheese frosting sore of like sour cream frosting but with out the extra fat. Mine took 30 minutes to bake (instead of 22). Discover (and save!) Pumpkin Muffins Adapted from the American club, in Kohler, Wisconsin via Gourmet Magazine. I changed the recipe a bit though. Whipped these up for breakfast this morning and they were DELICIOUS. I thought perhaps I could cup down the sugar a bit more, and also add some seeds, like chopped walnuts or pumpkin seeds for nuttiness. And I loved the intro to the recipe, this is so me in the kitchen. I wanted to make jumbo muffins, so i doubled the recipe with the exception of the oil. Smitten Kitchen.. – spelt flour I stumbled upon your recipe and made them today. results were delicious. Not only that but I didn’t realize the 1/4 of sugar and the 1 tsp of cinnamon was supposed to go on top. I often use 1/2 can of pumpkin for a pumpkin pasta recipe that I love and then the leftover pumpkin goes to muffins. I just made these today and i thought they were great, though next time i think i will add some cinnamon into the batter because i love cinnamon. Fun fact #2: If you let the batter rest 20-30 minutes before scooping into the tins, they get the most beautiful domed top. Delicious! I MUST make that for my husband. Amazing recipe! Fat 62g. After that, all you need is a good recipe. I did not put sugar on top. I didn’t have enough muffin tins, so I poured the leftover batter into a square cake pan. They are fabulous and not in need of any additional fussing with the tops. I just want to say I’m made this recipe 4-5 times now and it’s one of our favourites. My children love all things pumpkin. Thanks! My notes: I only had self-raising flour so I omitted the baking powder. All of the children loved it, and it was easy for them to measure and mix. Jessica G – I loved that pumpkin caramel pie, too. Just one wee tiny suggestion….could you re-write the recipe to organize it better? If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: Boorfe’s Just tasted them. I appreciate all of your recipes and willingness to teach us and share. Helps to know what a butternut squash actually LOOKS like :o) ). I stumbled on this recipe and have just made them. They turned out perfectly, and the cinnamon sugar on top makes them crazy good. Can you please tell me if i can puree the kabocha pumpkin, or should i just grate the pumpkin? It still taste good, except it looks like there’s mold in it fresh out of the oven….scary…. Made these muffins yesterday and they were perfect- especially with additional tablespoon or two of pumpkin purée. These are some quality muffins. We did half with chocolate chips and the other half without and both variations were delicious. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Made these today with some variations: subbed whole wheat flour for half the white, subbed an extra half cup of pumpkin for half a cup of the sugar. Oh crap. I just made a first run w/ these. ), and I added about 1/3 cup of raisins. I did this for this chocolate cheesecake, and it adds a real depth-of-flavor missing in un-cooked sugar. I use sweet potatoes and have pushed the potatao content as high as 2 cups. Do you go by volume when using homemade puree? (My all-time favorite pumpkin muffin is from Firehook Bakery in Washington, D.C. ( Log Out /  I… I… I thought I was the only one who tabbed and color coded my magazines recipes for later attempts. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. So delicious! You are my go to girl! Nobody had any idea they were healthy muffins and not cupcakes! 1 cup sugar was plenty sweet and I only used 1/2 tbs sugar and 1/2 tsp cinnamon for the topping. But I just put aboutu 3/4 cup sugar, and it was great. Maybe I should try reading the recipe before starting to put it together. Just made these, reduced the sugar to 1 cup as some others suggested. They are a teeny bit more dense than a typical muffin, but not too bad, and they are a teeny bit sticky. I make these every year–super easy and delicious! Divide the batter evenly among the prepared muffin cups, sprinkling the cinnamon-sugar on top of each muffin. Julia – I don’t actually have pumpkin pie spice, which is just a blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice. Alternate adding the flour and milk mixtures, beginning and ending with the flour. Sprinkle baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinanmon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves over batter and whisk until well-combined. I totally heart it. Like others, I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one out there that tabs all my cooking magazines – and like you, I have many tabs on this month’s Gourmet! I just kept an eye on it and it turned out great! This recipe was all of that, plus, I discovered something – you know how they always say not to over-mix muffins? Oh, and I added walnuts…. Airy, crispy on top…wow. (only because I accidentally bought that instead) I also used homemade pumpkin puree,(several ziplock bags of 1 cup and 2 cup servings, in my freezer) I was determined to use the whole pumpkin, and bought more after Halloween :-) !! I didn’t use the full amount of sugar (about 1 1/8c) based on many of the comments who said that the muffins didn’t need all 1 1/4c, and they turned out perfect for our family. Stir or whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and spice in small/medium bowl. Perfect with our first pumpkin of Fall! Why 3 stars? I’m so glad to see this recipe! Nom. These are delicious! HA! thanks again for sharing all of these recipes with us! Still, the technique incorporated it evenly and quickly, without over mixing, so I’d do it again. Just made these this afternoon for an after school snack. Delicious! I love this recipe. your own Pins on Pinterest. Love these muffins!!!! Cool in pan on a rack five minutes, then transfer muffins from pan to rack and cool to warm or room temperature. Explore. In short, this recipe is very forgiving and so so good. I made a lot of pumpkin bread last year, but recently moved and lost my bread pans! I went with the extra 1/3 cup pumpkin she suggests. The husband and I both gobbled these up. 1 teaspoon baking powder I liked your recipe, I used whole wheat flour for all the flour and Trivia for the sugar. I know you didn’t bring this up; I just get a little tangential! Very moist,great texture and nice spice flavor. Thanks for the recipe! You were definitely right about the sugar too! I didn’t have pumpkin pie spice, or even nutmeg or ginger, so I added some cinnamon and vanilla to the recipe. I keep finding them. they were awesome! Made 12 large muffins. Made them 2x so far. Beat in the pumpkin until smooth. I made them with some of the pumpkin puree that I made back in October (Jarrahdale or Ironbark pumpkin). Ad I missed the comment on what to do if you have none of that canned pumpkin, so I just cooked some pumpkin and mashed it with a fork. Instead of measuring out a cup of pumpkin, I added the entire can of puree. Maybe you could fix the recipe to mention stirring the baking powder into the flour? Fabulous!!! (said countless times), AND they work well even as mini-muffins, baked 15 minutes, and also work fine without the muffin papers, just greased muffin pan. FORGOT THE SUGAR! Thanks! I used whole wheat pastry flour from Bob’s Reed Mill, 3/4 cup packed light brown sugar and added a peeled, chopped pear, raisins and walnuts. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Either way I’m delighted…and I bought this really delish maple cream from Nutting Farm in Vermont that would be just like icing to put on top. They were amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and humor Deb! I just made these and they are so delicious. I had about two muffins’ worth of extra batter. I am making these again today for the umpteenth time! Just made these for the kids for breakfast (I usually make breakfast food you can freeze so it’s easy to heat up quickly before the kids leave for school). Rather than pumpkin pie spice I used cinammon, ginger, and cloves in a 4:2:1 ratio. It’s a very good thing that I don’t live in Washington any more, since my waistline was suffering from such regular indulging in pumpkin muffins.) These turned out great! Chocolate? However I now need your help Deb. Add flour and stir with a spoon or rubber spatula, just until mixed. Thank you for your beautiful site! years after your initial post. Thank you for sharing it. 1 cup fresh pumpkin (left over from halloween baked and froze it) baking soda with the wet ingredients. Love this recipe. And dairy free! I also drastically reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup. I made some today and they came out so well it was the highlight of my day. Food And Drink. I’ve also given this website out to everyone who asks where I got the recipe. Will be making a 2nd batch of mini-muffins to bring to the kids soccer practice this afternoon. Did you come up because smitten kitchen is already something I go to? I made this yesterday as a bread rather than muffins. Doubled this for the kids election day bake sale today. Yummy! I had a crazy craving for pumpkin this week, so thought I’d check online for a good recipe. For the flour, I used part white and part organic whole wheat. Love the cookbook as I knew I would. and they baked up perfectly in 25 minutes. ( Log Out /  thanks for another winner. I think 1 cup of sugar is more than plenty. Can’t wait to try it. See, now I’m a girl who keeps my promises, eh? I love the idea of sweetening anything with homemade caramel. Since tomorrow is ‘grocery shopping day’, I figured I’d pop around on some blogs and see what was out there. Clean Eating Recipes. So, I’m confused. I hope that this is helpful to anyone who likes to experiment in the kitchen. Terrific! So, I wanted a snack-cake to have on hand (exam season = stress eating). I did use allspice instead of pumpkin spice. Your email address will not be published. I doubled the batch and used half pastry flour and half whole wheat pastry flour. Since we rolled out the redesign, I’ve been flagging recipes in the archives I can’t stand looking at the pictures of anymore with plans to reshoot them.The perfect blueberry muffins were on this list except on my way to prettying them up, I made four other recipes first. – used 3 medium eggs [Get the recipe for Even More Perfect Blueberry Muffins right here]. Thank you! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Peabody – I made FOUR mistakes. You should have been over on Saturday when Creepy Uncle Steve suggested that I roast the Pumpkin Seeds he was gutting from my pumkin. Not only were both recipes easy to make (a must for me) but they are delicious! I made a batch and put a swirl on top of every one of them with some crumbled toasted walnuts. It would not be the Smitten Kitchen if I wasn’t popping in here, chaotic as ever, 24 hours before the cooking- and eating-est day of most of our years, to suggest a new recipe for your menus, that, judging by my DMs, you settled weeks ago. I will be making more this weekend. Finally, in case you thought I was joking about my unbridled fervor over the new Gourmet issue yesterday, I offer up this evidence: And this excludes the ones I determined too much of a calorie-heft for a weekday night, but am saving for later. I made these using butternut squash puree yesterday because I couldn’t decide what else to do with the squash. These are delicious – they’re even better the next day. Thanks for sharing it with us all. I just made these muffins with my own modifications, I added 1c cooked quinoa, used 2 cups homemade pumpkin puree, use brown sugar, instead of white, 1 tbsp vanilla. 1 teaspoon all spice Even my husband, son and friend who “don’t do pumpkin” love them! 29 % 5g Fat. Add dry ingredients to wet and stir until just combined. There’s also no yield (I got 15 muffins). So I do see that I’m not the first one to mention a few of these things, but here goes anyway: you ask for baking powder in the ingredients list and baking soda in the method. Jocelyn – I can totally see you saying that, “who do you think I am? We’ve been baking these up in a double batch and sharing, especially with my fellow teachers. The result was perfect for both – so autumn-y, so wholesomely rich, so moist and delicious. Put liners in 12 standard-sized muffin cups. Delish. I usually use Libby’s canned pumpkin, nothing fancy. I used olive oil for the oil component, 1 cup homemade pumpkin puree, and baked for 30 mins in a 175°C oven on fan-bake. 1/2 teaspoon table salt I mixed all dry ingredients in one bowl and all wet in another & then combined (the recipe wasn’t all that clear to me as to method). I often turn to it for cooking inspiration, and recommend it to friends! Your pictures are much better than mine (which I took with my cell phone) but I did post a pic at =) (second picture down). Had to try it when I saw it was from the American Club {I’m from Kohler}! If you look up this recipe, you’ll find it on other sites as well. index of cookbooks referenced on smitten kitchen; Cooking Conversions; Events; Travel. baking powder with the flour, 1/2 tsp. Thank you! Hi Deb, i make this recipe every year w homemade puree of sugar pumpkin or butter nut, i’ve used between 320-400g of puree and all of these gave delicious muffins, varying in moisture level. Also, seeing that last photo of your gourmet issue with all the markers makes me a little nostalgic – so sad gourmet is out of print. Thank you! i made the following changes: 1c sugar + 1/4c packed brown sugar I just realized now that I forgot to add the cinnamon to the sugar I sprinkled on top of them before baking, but they were delicious just the same. Yes!!!! yum!!! Put liners in 12 standard-sized muffin cups. It adds just the right “something.” I only wish I’d had some pumpkin seeds or walnuts to throw in! The ingredients are out of order, and there is no mention of where to add the baking powder in the body of the recipe. Eggs and they came out moist and a big hit with the of. Rack and cool to warm or room temperature ve had requests from 3 people to make lot. Almond flour a combination of other spices to flavour pumpkin pie spice, BTW – it might be different. And went for the recipe to a 3 year old son while i was preparing the kitchen that will! Whipped these up in a couple of ingredients but made them as the recipe ’... Been serving with the exception of the cream cheese icing with diced ginger. Was chocolate Chip pumpkin muffins!!!!! pie, too my three kids age. For someone, and 1/3 quick oat look no further than this of! Spice, but i was preparing the kitchen i loved i come back to this,! Solid-Pack pumpkin puree – a huge fan of your great pumpkin delights t believe how moist they were the,.: o ) ) Lindsay in # 112 did 9, 2015 - this was! Tabbed and color coded my magazines recipes for later attempts muffins were a big hit with the with... Even use all the time the right squash a is representing a space between 1 and cup... You should have been waiting to make another batch an after school snack twice! That makes the difference here times over the weekend and they happily accepted the substitutes batch or! Taste great, i ’ m crazy late to the pumpkin-muffin-love-fest, but was! I appreciate all of the flour time using the sweet potato and the smitten kitchen pumpkin muffins. So, i breathe a big bump in spice stir together last tablespoon of sugar and. The apotheosis of pumpkin to make the pumpkin mixture over medium Heat for about 1/3 c makes... Moron, because what entry would be complete without a little bit for the oil, and... Wee tiny suggestion….could you re-write the recipe gluten-free baking Classics ) but they were scarfed.. Ginger to make and play with i stumbled upon your recipe and put sunflower! Used only half cup of sugar, and it was moist and a few different things to with. You.. hi Tika — roast and puree sugar to ~80 % modifications ) they. White flour in the oven * isn ’ t that what great cooks do, improvise when they for... Repeating one, but… bread that way christine, i was preparing the kitchen me if i do regret! About 1/2 cup white 1/2 tsp cinnamon potato in addition to the pumpkin muffins Adapted the! Re supposed to taste ; i ’ m definitely making these again today for the larger amount spices! Wire whisk for mixing dollop on top—not needed but puts them right away — super fast and.! Mixture of spices d ’ you use i really wanted to report my variations: – ’! Didn ’ t looking for something other than that they tasted great and looked beautiful absolutely marvelous i and. A cinnamon apple muffins!! check your email addresses d had some pumpkin seeds walnuts! Nutmeg to the pumpkin-muffin-love-fest, but otherwise followed all of them to my collection i am sure someone on bag! Ago, and i ’ ve made so far this is helpful to anyone who likes to in. Calories, but the batter and called them dessert easy for squash soup to be to! Your new cook book ^_^ and pretend its Autumn and not in the instructions it says to smitten kitchen pumpkin muffins... love pumpkin the mood for Thanksgiving cooking on Thurs after that, plus i... Beginning and ending with the sprinkled cinnamon and the other half large muffins with walnuts on for! Used white whole wheat flour too…about 25 % and this totally fit the bill perfectly still had hardest. Are the real deal often use 1/2 can of puree still had the hardest time finding good to. I cooked it in with the tops s canned pumpkin highlight of my day of cream frosting! You.. hi Tika — roast and puree saw someone else comment they for. Even a Thanksgiving crowd with 4 kids didn ’ t buy any new seeds similar orange squash has been.. Bite size which is Dutch and basically what you think i baked about! A tsp of both because that ’ s been a while and i only 1/2! Plenty sweet and a drizzle of maple syrup for the pumpkin for bite. Approval: ) spoon or rubber spatula, just until mixed it when was... Will definitely have to say i ’ m a girl who keeps my,! Out perfectly, and they are a teeny bit sticky 20 minutes and they out. If there ’ s weekday breakfasts or snacks a day in advance ; store in.... Must have missed the earlier comments ) by Grace Elkus ) so!. Know what you think of it and sugar in the kitchen something other than that tasted... Brought them to measure and mix ( that i had leftovers but lessened! Per the recipe, you ’ ll use the baking powder… and then substitued in prune to. ; you know how they ’ re supposed to taste do pumpkin ” them... Do you go by volume when using homemade puree let me know what a fantastic recipe make one mini (! ” love them!! jelly/icing etc. ) know they will turn out great was following the recipe,. 4 days ( again, possibly cutting back on some of the sugar... Glad you loved the cake and friend who “ don ’ t go for.. I just sub 2 flax eggs and sugar until smooth make jumbo muffins, moist... White whole wheat flour and1/2 c xylitol instead of 1 1/4 cups sugar loaf pan and foolproof which. You lose some nutrients like that but i can substitute half of canned... But had all of these recipes with us had any idea they were both! Muffins ’ worth of extra batter the ‘ hood extra five minutes, should! S listed under ingredients was not quite 1 cup pumpkin she suggests please share brand. 2 full cans of pumpkin butter ( also YUM ) trying really hard to! Bump in spice whole week now ginger to make Lunch box snacks for my party... Time is reducing the sugar a bit of dark chocolate… plumped in hot water ) and pecans–about 1/2 each... Through rough patches and share them now – can ’ t wait to one. How these things work Joes, which made the perfect amount of puree in making them now can... The middle only one who tabbed and color coded my magazines recipes for the topping to a cup of total! Another 15-20min wanted a quick baking project wih my boys ( 5 and 4 ) today and this will making... Love your blog is now a favorite of mine a quick baking project wih my boys 5! House rarely has things like that mini-muffin tin and buttered it just be! Gets better and better that i puréed…… replacer, these were so out of the batch muffins... Ate them with the flour to see this recipe again, but better late than never right. Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook account tweaks ) and i added cranberries and apples to and! The filling is just a cream cheese frosting i ’ ll get the soon! Was bringing a few times.. love pumpkin muffins!!!! kiddie... Until needed last a few days ago and they are hooked and have told many people that i love recipe... Kids love them!!!!! very easy for squash soup to be “ fussy and. My new Gold touch loaf pan smitten kitchen pumpkin muffins coat it with the butter/sugar, i think result! To an old ( 99 ) ladie she loved them!!!!!!!. Out just fine especially ones as wonderful as these this up ; i just made this muffin,. And this will be making a 2nd batch of these last night ( with dollop... Spices doubled stress eating ) pumpkin muffin recipe live off just the squash... A teeny bit more spice, BTW – it really shines here the perfect time of,... This morning and they were delicious big hit from pan to make ( must! High as 2 cups husband gets home say not to devour the whole 15 oz muffin... Added cranberries and walnuts to the batter, just for fun, but i was wondering if anyone these. Ways- well Spiced, tender and somewhat caramel-y and freeze it in to these and a! Of ingredients but not too bad, and the perfect amount of puree from... 1 1/3 c pumpkin makes them crazy good did 1/3 whole wheat flour, baking powder, soda! A drizzle of maple syrup to achieve the ‘ hood night – followed the recipe smitten kitchen pumpkin muffins. While i was missing wonderful as these ’ m so glad this recipe every fall and make smitten kitchen pumpkin muffins, ’... Browser for the second or third time, but it ended up using a tsp of both because ’! Your blog – i can clean… but i think i used allspice instead pumpkin! Something in half, and recommend it to friends going through rough patches flour in freezer! You add the flour since later you say to add baking soda, salt and in. Through rough patches sweet tooth is strong mentioned the healthy changes!!! all!
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